Every Friend, Every time with Groopic

We all have that friend who takes the group photo asking to say ‘cheeeeese’ but is always left out of the picture. This old-age problem that a grooooopphotographer is missing in the shot is now being solved with Groopic. With Groopic, everyone can be in the picture. Eyedeus Lab released this application for iOS and have received phenomenal reviews from some of leading tech blogs of the world like TechCrunch, Gizmodo,CNET and others. Team Eyedeus were also shortlisted for this year’s Google Black box Connect entrepreneurship accelerator and contacted by top Smartphone manufacturers to license their technology.

“Being passionate about the latest technology, we always looked forward to new camera and augmented reality based applications. From the apps that we were able to find, we were disappointed more often than not.” Ali Rehan, CEO Eyedeus lab said, “After so many of these experiences, we wanted to step in to create a new genre of camera based applications, and that’s what our startup does. Using our computer vision technology, we aim to bridge the gap between vision research and industry and in turn, reshaping how people interact with smart phones and cameras.”

Either you could take a goofy self shot or you could choose Groopic. Groopic gives you just the right group photo in three simple steps. Take one picture of the group, switch the photographer and take another. Mark the photographers and let Groopic do the magic.  It automatically combines these incomplete pictures into one complete group picture. It is just a snap, tap and voila!

“It took us around 6 months to develop the product for Beta stage. Once in beta, we iterated and did A/B testing on over 7000 users over a period of 6 months.” Mr. Rehan said. Launching first on iPhone, Groopic is the company’s first product. “We are a team of 5 members with experience in computer vision research and industry, with 1.75 (one just completing) PhDs on board. Together, as a team, we have many years of experience in the field and have worked on multiple projects before Groopic. Our team members have also been actively involved in other startups.”

Ali Rehan, calls himself a geek who is fond of technology, photography and cycling. He gives credit to LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences), “It has played a major role in what we are doing and what we have achieved so far. Once, we were working in the research lab at LUMS. So that is where our core strength comes from. Second, it was the first ever Startup Weekend Lahore event at LUMS which became the starting point of our startup. We won the best start-up award and decided to do it full-time.” “We are working really hard to launch software on android platform really soon” he says.

Rehan shared the upcoming projects for Eyedeus Lab “Our product team is focusing on Groopic but in the meanwhile, our research team is actively involved in prototyping new technology. We have number of proof of concepts built on PCs and we are porting our state of the art technology to smart phones. As for right now we have some really interesting “natural user interface” gaming demos on cell phones.”

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