H2OME: A Residence In the Ocean

Spongebob Squarepants has the best house….the bottom of the ocean.  Well if that floats your boat you could also be the owner of an underwater residence.  US Submarine Structures is offering the super rich a commercially available underwater home with the luxuries of a 5-star hotel, H2OME.


For thousands of years people have been diving into the depths of the sea and wondered what it might be like to live in an undersea dwelling.  US Submarine Structures is making that dream a reality.  This company is offering the world’s first undersea residence you can purchase today.   The entire undersea location is at surface pressure, so there’s no diving or decompression involved.


Imagine waking up in an undersea bedroom suite to a panoramic  view of a coral reef, schools of beautifully colored tropical fish.  H2OME has two floors fully underwater.  The residence can be accessed from the shore via a private pier.  The top floor has 2 bedrooms with skylight views of the ocean, two bathrooms, and an open lounge area.  The lower floor has an absolutely gorgeous master bedroom, a kitchen, wine cellar, dining area, library, lounge, an office space, and a bar.  A total of 3,600 square feet of bliss.


The lower floor has walls made of acrylic panels facing the sea so it’s as if you have your own little patch of ocean.  The pictures that you are viewing have furnishings that are supplied by a Dubai-based firm that specializes in 5-star hotels and superyacht interiors.  Each H2OME is fitted with exterior lights and fish feeds to bring out the local wildlife.  We hope you’re not scared of sharks though.


There is no fear that your home will float away.  The client can choose their own location but the company specifies that depths 10 to18 feet are ideal.  Also shallow warm seas, lagoon, or mountain lakes are the best spots.  The structure is bolted to struts which are attached to the ocean floor for stability and maintains the same air pressure as the surface above, so no decompression needed.  Water, electricity and sewage systems run via umbilicals running from the mainland.  To maintain the acrylic walls, an automated jet cleaning system removes algae and sea dwelling creatures so that you viewing quality is not comprised.  The final cost of an H2OME depends on many factors but we can give you a rough estimate of approximately $10 million.

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