Helios Bluetooth Solar-Powered Headphones

We’ve seen many wireless headphones in the past, but Helios is not your average pair of headphones.  Designed by a London based company, Exod, Helios is solar powered allowing you to listen to music and phone calls without having to worry about carrying batteries or dealing with tangling wires.


Helios headphones have a solar panel mounted on top to draw power from natural light.  You can also charge it through an AC outlet when sunlight is scarce.  The headphones run on a 430 mAh battery.  One hour of sun exposure gives you half an hour of usage.   The battery lasts for about 15 hours of music when fully charged, has a Micro USB port and a Jack 3.5mm.

helios2 helios3

The design thoughtfully includes a mic for answering phone calls and a jack for plugging in a regular audio cable.  There are buttons on the earpiece so the user can change tracks, adjust volume, take calls and also switch the solar panel on or off.  The headphones also fold up for when you want to tuck them into a bag.   It comes in a variety of colors.  Helios will cost you US $157 which seems pretty reasonable compared to other Bluetooth headphones.  If everything goes as planned, shipping will commence July 2015.


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