Here’s How You Can Ace Your Interview For That Dream Job

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Often the biggest barrier to landing your dream engineering job is the interview.  Engineers usually struggle with this process, frequently because they can’t find the right things to say or because they’re too nervous to present themselves properly.  It’s necessary to understand the interviewing process.  Doing well in an interview could determine whether or not you’ll get the job you’ve always wanted.  We put together some vital points that could potentially help you during an interview.

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  • Researching a prospective employer prior to the interview can help you to connect positively with the interviewer. If you can show that you’re aware of the current happenings with their firm, they will be more open to you.
  • Don’t go off babbling randomly. When you’re asked to introduce yourself, make sure you’re prepared. Have a short, two minute introduction that highlights your strengths, but whatever you do, DON’T OVERDO IT! Remember the interview is about their requirements and not your strengths.
  • This is almost NEVER done: Ask the interviewer to explain some of the specific responsibilities that would be assigned if you were to be hired. Now what you do is use their answer to present yourself as their best option.

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  • Some interviewers are quite clever themselves and might throw you a curve ball or ‘trick’ question. Be prepared. Go through several potential questions and know what you’ll say if you’re asked one of them.
  • We are human and we all have weaknesses. Don’t be afraid to discuss them and emphasize ways of how you are improving yourself.

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  • References could be your saviours so always bring a list to the interview and give it to your interviewer before the interview is over.
  • You will be nervous and to alleviate that feeling, take a deep breath, picture yourself landing the job even before the interview begins and don’t forget, this isn’t the last job on the face of the earth. There might be something better waiting for you elsewhere.

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So, just remember to stay calm, no matter what the interview throws at you.  Even if the question seems impossible, never say “I don’t know”.   Don’t be afraid to ask questions, it shows you can trouble shoot.  Structure your approach and being prepared is essential.  Make sure you communicate effectively and sharpen your technical skills.  Landing the perfect job isn’t easy but by following these guidelines, you will definitely stand out from the rest.  Being remembered by an interview means you’re one step closer to being hired.

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Here’s How You Can Ace Your Interview For That Dream Job

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