Here’s How You Can Always Stay Hydrated!

HYDAWAY The Collapsible Bottle

No more lugging around bottles.  No more disposable bottles in landfills.  No more hard to clean bottles.  Now there’s Hydaway, a flat out ready to go, whenever, wherever bottle.  In just 60 seconds, US consumers use and throw away about 90,000 disposable water bottle which adds up to approximately 50 million plastic bottles per year or 30 millions tons of plastic waste year.  You would think that most of these bottle are being recycled, but unfortunately almost 80% of these bottles end up in landfills, parks, beaches, and streets.  Hydaway just might be the solution to this problem.



Niki Singlaub, creator of the Hydaway is the father of two children and an outdoor enthusiast.  He likes to live a health lifestyle where staying hydrated plays a great part.  He says “I also committed to minimizing the impact my family makes on the planet, and strive to set a positive example for my children.” Whether it’s in the airport jumping between connecting flights, or taking a day trip with the kids in tow, he needed a water bottle that could fit his active lifestyle.  After two years of brainstorming, Hydaway, the collapsible water bottle design was born.


hydaway14 hydaway8

Hydaway is a bottle you can carry with you everywhere you go to stay hydrated.  The portable hydration system expands to a full-size bottle to hold your water and collapses flat, so you can put it in your pocket.  It can fit into most cup holders.

hydaway1 hydaway4

The Hydaway collapsible bottle is made of flexible, food-grade silicon and is dishwasher safe.  Hydaway will be available in small and large sizes (12 oz and 21 oz respectively).  You will be able to choose between six colors.  The company has just launched a fundraising project on Kickstarter.

hydaway5 hydaway6

Hydaway is the water bottle you’ll always reach for because it’s always within reach.  It’s your ultimate travel companion, and its collapsible design will fit your active lifestyle. hydaway3

hydaway9 hydaway13

The most frustrating thing is when airport security confiscate your water bottle you bought for the flight.  With Hydaway you finish any water left in your bottle, fold down the Hydaway into a thin disc and slide it into your carry on.

Here’s How You Can Always Stay Hydrated!

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