Here’s How You Can Get A Perfect Meal Every Time

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Smart homes are the rage and every day new gadgets are making their way to the market. Making living easier seems to be the motto of today’s technology, and now you can add eating easier to the list. Meld is a smart knob designed to automate cooking so you can have the perfect meals without all the hassle.

Meld Knob and Clip

Say goodbye to overcooked food with The Meld Knob. It comes with a clip thermometer that gets your stew’s temperature and signals to the knob to adjust the heat, so you can sit on your sofa while your food is cooked to perfection, simply by replacing one of the stove’s usual knob with Meld.The Meld Knob (1)


Meld’s iOS and Android app let’s you feed in recipes using which Meld adjusts the cooking temperature throughout the cooking process. It also comes with a few pre-fed mouth watering recipes that you can munch on. Meld follows your instructions, but it can be controlled manually if you will.

The Meld Knob (4)

Meld functions equally well with both gas and electric stoves. With Meld, simmering and cooking on medium heat become a piece of cake. It’s creators are happy to say, “The Meld Knob and Clip are ideal for slow cooking, simmering, sous vide, poaching, frying and even candy making. We’ve focused on building a product that works with the things you already own. It’s like upgrading your existing cookware and cooktop.”

Meld Knob

But how does Meld work? The app comes with instructions such as “poach”, “sous vide”, “simmer” etc so you can direct your stove to have the perfect temperature for your food. The knob and the clip communicate via Bluetooth, which is powered by AAA batteries. It is made from water proof material, chemically resistant and long lasting along with the perfect aesthetics for every kitchen.

The Meld Knob (1)

Through Kickstarter, founders of Meld have obtained remarkable support and achieved 400% of their crowdfunding target worth US$50,000. It is set to be shipped in October 2015. Take a look at how Meld can work magic in your kitchen.


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