Here’s How You Can Make a Functional Speaker From A4 Paper

For DIY lovers who would just want to try their hands at making everything at home, a speaker made out of A4 paper can be a dream come true. Creative technologist and product designer Coralie Gourguechon tells you how you can master this feat.

5 DIY A4 Speaker

1 DIY A4 Speaker

Her design involves use of conductive ink on A4 sized paper, along with component electronics to carve out a functional speaker.

2  DIY A4 Speaker

The speaker’s design uses a cone shaped amplifying mechanism that doubles as a switch. The cone can be flattened to break the circuit and turn the speaker off.

3 DIY A4 Speaker4 DIY A4 Speaker

Coralie plans to now make a paper radio with an antenna. Her intentions are, “to simplify the manufacture of electronic assemblies,” as she puts it.

6 DIY A4 SpeakerCheck out how it works here:

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