HIIT Bottle Is An Alternative to Plastic Bottles

Ususally plastic bottles that we take to the gym are pretty low quality.  They have to be changed often because they begin to look horrible after a few washings.   HIIT bottle by Christian Valencia, who is based in Orange County will change things around a bit.

hiit5 hiit7 hiit6

The company has unveiled an all-purpose protein shaker as an alternative to plastic mixer bottles.  The HIIT bottle is made to appeal to people with active lifestyles who like to carry along a bottle for their protein drinks and supplements.  The bottle has a sleek design that looks attractive rather than the nasty looking plastic bottle.  This innovative bottle is being planned to be released by June 2015 and is currently being offered via crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

hiit3 hiit4 hiit2

The bottle has some exciting features including a rounded bottom to prevent protein build up, a top cap that never allows fingers to touch the mouthpiece to keep it nice and sanitary, a shaker ball that is crafted to cut through proteins quickly.  The HIIT bottle is double walled and vacuum sealed to keep insulated and the matte finish adds a second level of protection against condensation and also looks appealing.  You can use the bottle for both hot and cold drinks, and of course water too.  The bottle is made from 18/8 stainless steel and is BPA free, making HIIT bottle a health, non-toxic solution.

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