Hoegh Target Is The Largest Automobile Transporter

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The Norwegian company Hoegh Autoliners have introduced the world’s largest car transporter to the oceans of the world and it is called the Hoegh Target. This giant was officially launched in June and has sailed from Xiamen (China) and has recently docked at Tyne and Wear in the north-east of England. It has made stops in South Korea, Japan, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium. It will operate between East Asia and Europe and on its return journey to China, it will branch off to Oceania as well.

hoegh target 1

The absolute size of this sea monster is just mind boggling. The dimensions are 200 meters by 36 meters. Its deck space is a humongous 71,400 square meters thanks to its 14 levels of decks. To put that into context, that’s equivalent to 10 full sized football pitches. Let that sink in for a moment.

Hoegh Target 2

It can transport up to 8500 cars in one single trip which would cover a distance of 26 miles if lined end to end on the ground. Not only this, but due to its giant doors and large deck clearance, vehicles up to 6.5 meters high and 12 meters wide can be easily stored in this carrier. This size range includes most trucks and big vehicles that are on the roads today.

hoegh target 3

The ramp of this giant can support up to 375 tonnes of weight and this is only the beginning. The Hoegh Autoliners are set to deliver a series of six Post Panamax ship vessels based their new eco-friendly designed being called “New Horizon”. The Hoegh Target is just the youngest of its brothers with more ocean monsters like itself to follow soon.


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