Hot Pursuit Made Safe– All thanks to StarChase Tech

Police car chases have always been awfully perilous for the police officers driving the car as well as the innocent passers-by who become a victim of the car crash. StarChase Press ConferenceA system has been developed called the StarChase system in order to make these car pursuits harmless. As per this system, police can shoot the fugitive vehicles with GPS tags instead of chasing them.

Awesome Cops – All thanks to StarChase Tech (4)A compressed-air cannon and a laser sighting system at the center of the StarChase system has been fitted in the front grille of a police car. The police officers can make that cannon active using a simple console-installed control panel in order to shoot the adhesive GPS tag at the back of the other vehicle. Excluding the GPS tags, each unit charges roughly US$5,000.

Awesome Cops – All thanks to StarChase Tech (5)A central correspondent can track the location of the fugitive vehicle the minute it has been tagged and can coordinate the location of the other police cars so as to stop it. The trailing police officer can slow down to a cautious distance making the fugitive to hold back since they are certainly not attempting to elude the police car.

Awesome Cops – All thanks to StarChase Tech (1)Awesome Cops – All thanks to StarChase Tech (2)At present, the StarChase system is being used by the police forces in Iowa and Florida.


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