HUDWOOD: Back To Nature With A Wooden Carabiners and Wallets

“HUDWOOD”, a brand founded by two brothers, Rok and Dominik, brings to you products that we can use every day.  Their wooden carabiners and wallets are 100% natural.  Their motto is “Nature is the greatest in the smallest things.”

hudwood wallet and carabiner 2 hudwood wallet and carabiner 3

The carabiners and wallets that Hudwood would like to bring to you are mostly made out of wood, not just one type of plywood but 7 layers of different kinds of wood. The products are coated with a protective oil so they are built to last a long time.  The company is currently seeking crowdfunding via Kickstarter.

hudwood wallet and carabiner 10

The wallet offers a sliding technique for taking out cards, kind of like unlocking a smartphone.  It can hold up to 13 cards, cash and coins.  You can also store SD cards inside of the coin box.  The fun part of this wallet is that is can serve as a phone stand as well.  The bands that hold your belongings in place are available in black and white.

hudwood wallet and carabiner 6

The carabiners will make sure your keys are always in place and can easily be accessed when needed… more bulking up your pockets with keys.  The carabiner is lightweight yet can hold up to 10 kg/22 lbs of weight.  There are three designs available, the drop, the surf and simple.

hudwood wallet and carabiner 4 hudwood wallet and carabiner 9 hudwood wallet and carabiner 8 hudwood wallet and carabiner 7

“Their wood structure is very unique, just like nature.  You can be sure that every product will have its own authentic look.”  The wallet and carabiner will retail for $31 each.  If everything goes as scheduled, delivery is expected in June 2016.

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