Improve Your Living Experience with These 14 Gadgets!

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With the advent of techy gadgets, lifestyles have been changing at tiger’s pace. Gone are the days when basic necessities took most of our time. Now, tasks have been automated and people have taken to spend their time doing what they love.

These 14 devices are an addition to an already advanced living to make your home more safe, healthy and easy-going.

14. Elgato Eve Weather

Smart Devices (12)

This device uses Bluetooth and sends updates to the app on your phone. Using its many sensors and security devices, it monitors the weather as well as your home, and through HomeKit, communicates to your iOS device. It tracks rainfall, sunshine and temperature to help you prepare accordingly.

13. Nest Protect

Smart Devices (9)

This is an update on the conventional smoke detectors, but it goes a step further and lets you know way before a fire may happen; the Nest Protect can alarm you about carbon monoxide build up, and communicate with its counter part Nest Thermostat to shut down the boiler if it assesses any emergency may be on the horizons.

12. Chargepoint Home

Smart Devices (10)

This is an electronic car charging station for you home, and comes with a smartphone app. Chargepoint Home is capable of giving you 25 miles per hour of charge, and let’s you automate off-peak charging to save your dollars. The wall mounted charger alarms you if the car is parked but not plugged in, let’s you to check your battery status, and also states potential mileage your car can give you on this charge.

11. Honeywell Voice Thermostat

Smart Devices (6)

Your wife won’t have you complain, but Honeywell Thermostat doesn’t mind. Say you’re too hot or too cold and this voice-responsive thermostat will adjust the temperature for you. You can even adjust temperatures remotely via its Honeywell Total Connect Comfort app, and it will warn you if the temperature is to any extreme.

10. Withings Home HD

Smart Devices (3)

The Withings Home HD comes with sensors, a smarthphone app and is compatible with HomeKit. This home web camera gives you a 1080p, 135 degree field of view, with complete motion and sound triggers (two microphones and a speaker) and can alert you through your smartphone. It comes with cloud storage, and is equipped with infrared to facilitate night vision. It also comes with an ambient nightlight.

9. Belkin WeMo Maker

Smart Devices (2)

The Belkin WeMo Maker is compatible with WeMo range of smart devices. This palm-sized device comes with a power cable and sensors; simply wave to the device to activate it. Use it to make a complete home automation package with its range.

8. Smarter Coffee Maker

Smart Devices (8)

For the love of coffee! Smarter Coffee Maker comes with WiFi connectivity, so you can brew your coffee remotely, through an app on your smartphone. It can sensor when you come home, through your phone, and offer to make a cup of coffee. It can be programmed to go on as soon as your alarm clock goes off – coffee before you can even say it!

7. Kwikset Kevo E-Lock

Smart Devices (13)

This E-Lock works via Bluetooth, and allows the carrier of its Bluetooth fob to open it with the touch of a finger. It can catch Bluetooth from your phone and can be set to unlock with it. Working with Nest, it is capable of putting your home on away mode and lock the door, if you leave in a hurry. It does come with a key, if you lock your phone in.

6. Quirky – GE Aros Smart Air Conditioner

Smart Devices (1)

Quirky and General Electric put their heads together to give you a remotely controlled AC. This comes with an app so you can turn your home air conditioning on, off or schedule its cycle – from wherever you are. You can monitor your home’s air conditioning status. With the app’s GPS compatibility, it can also detect when you’re home and automatically turn Aros on. The app monitors your air conditioning’s economy, saving expenditure details for you to view.

5. LIFX Smart Lightbulb

Smart Devices (14)

The LIFX Smart Lightbulb is WiFi compatible, and comes with an app so you can dim the lights, change the colours or program the lighting. You can even set up a timer for your lights. You can even control the lights remotely to shock anyone who breaks in. These babies last for around 40,000 hours.

4. Netatmo Welcome

Smart Devices (7)

This device records on an SD Card, has a built in mic and infrared LED, and is programmed to perform face recognition. With a 130 degree field view, it alerts you if a stranger or a family member enters home.

3. Drop Kitchen Scale

Smart Devices (11)

The Drop Kitchen Scale connects to your iPad or iPhone via Bluetooth, and can turn your device into a recipe churner and a cooking timer. It gives you advice and makes cooking an experimental adventure!

2. Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

Smart Devices (4)

Not every electronic device is designed to be controlled remotely, but here’s one single solution for that: The Belkin WeMo Insight Switch. This WiFi enabled socket adapter allows you to schedule it remotely from your phone and control any device that’s plugged in it. The app is Android and iOS compatible and comes with a built in timer.

1. Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight

Smart Devices (5)

This nightlight uses your WiFi connection to send an alert to your phone. Plug it near your smoke or carbon monoxide detector, and it’ll shoot an alert right to your phone, just in case you can’t hear the detectors, or are away from home.

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Improve Your Living Experience with These 14 Gadgets!

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