Interactive Map That Reveals Every River In America

A Brooklyn designer of data visualization firm, Vizzuality, Andrew Hill created an amazing interactive map using data created by the US Geological Survey of all 250,000 rivers that run through America.


CartoDB is a cloud form of mapping, research and cognisance engine that lets users build spatial applications for both mobile and a web, and it mostly used on skill websites and new sites to emanate maps.  This is the program that Hill used to create this map.  When you first look at it, it looks like a burst of colors, but examining it closely shows you all the rivers and which direction they run it.  Zooming in on the interactive version reveals each river.


For instance, pink represents a river that runs north to south or south to north.  There are 18 distinct colors that have been used. Recently the firm made its technology free.  “We realized that charging for map views was actually penalizing you for creating interesting maps,” said Hill.  “We no longer want you to have to worry about unexpected traffic or what happens when the maps on your account go viral.”  The longest river on the map is the Missouri at 4088 kilometers, although the biggest in terms of water volume is the Mississippi, which is deeper.  At 1114 kilometers, the Yellowstone is the longest un-dammed river in the US.

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