iPhone6 – iPhone 6 Plus – Apple Watch: What We Have Learned So Far


The wait is finally over!  The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are here at last.  The great minds of the technological world gathered at the Flint Center in Cupertino for Apple’s launch event.  Here’s all you need to know about the iPhone 6 until September 19th when it will be available in the market and you will be able to get one of your own.

iPhone 6 unveiled 5

Tim Cook, the CEO, began the unveiling with these words; ‘Today, we are pleased to announce the biggest advancement in iPhone.’ To begin with, the iPhone 6 is the thinnest iPhone ever made.  At 6.9mm thick, it makes its predecessor, the iPhone 5s look fat.  The overall shape is much softer, the rounder edges look much more comfortable that the straight, sharp edges of the 5s.  The power button has been moved to the right hand for easy access, which is a welcome change given the overall larger size of the device.  Does bigger necessarily mean better?  In the case of the iPhone- yes!  It’s more powerful and more efficient.  A smooth seamless metal surface unites the hardware and software, creating the new generation iPhone.


With an M8 motion coprocessor it makes gathering data more efficient.  The 64-bit desktop and new A8 chip pushes more power to drive the larger display and with the increased battery life, you can enjoy discovering your new iPhone for longer.  For all those game buffs out there, the A8 chip will also allow you to enjoy intensely graphic games.


The camera which is cleverly called iSight features some amazing new improvements.  It will be easier to take professional quality photos and videos.  New focus pixel, better face detection, continuous autofocus, and enhanced noise reduction are all part of the new iSight.

iphonespecs4 iphonespecs5

A really cool feature is the Apple Pay.  It’s a new payment solution where there’s no card number entry, one-touch checkout, no need to type any address, and no card information needs to be shared with the merchant.  Bigger and better in every way, the iPhone way.


Working together, the A8 chip and iOS 8 has introduced Metal, a new technology that lets developers create high graphic games on iPhone.  So the imaginary world you visit will actually feel like you’re there.  Let’s talk about this new smart watch Apple has designed.  Also called the iWatch, it will allow users to see messages, calls, email, and various other apps.  The watch has a microphone to dictate texts and take calls.  It also monitors heart rate and exercise activity.  The Apple Watch is scheduled to be released in early 2015.

apple event2 apple event1

How about when you’re in motion? The M8 motion coprocessor measures you steps, distance, and elevation changes.  That’s crazy!  The barometer senses air pressure to determine your elevation.  It can even measure stairs that you’ve climbed.  The accelerometer measures your distance for walking or running.  So now you don’t have to download a separate app.  A gyroscope which knows whether you are moving or stationery, can also detect whether you’re driving.


"OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         " iphonespecs12

Three colors are available, space gray, silver, and gold.  The unveiling of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple Watch, also known as the iWatch have a released a long line of new features, updates, and specifications to satisfy longtime Apple fans and newcomers too.  Pre-ordering will begin Friday, September 12, while the phones will be released to the public on September 19.  That’s all folks….Get up…shut your laptops off…..get in line, you want to be there when the stores open. iphone6-5s 5Tim sure sounded confident when he said; ‘These iPhones obviously have bigger displays, but more importantly, they’re amazing products in every single way.’



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iPhone6 – iPhone 6 Plus – Apple Watch: What We Have Learned So Far

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