IRT – The Smart Waiter

One of the tiresome moments in life is when you’re hungry at a rush time and the waiter just won’t listen to you properly or tell you about the menu properly. Really gets on one’s nerves, but now the developers have come up with a technology that helps you overcome this trouble, named as IRT – Interactive Restaurant Technology system. Now you can place your order through a multi-touch table and don’t have to wait to get waited.irt-4


Designed by a Ukrainian technology firm Kodisoft, IRT firstly provides their users with multiple language choices. And then provides the list, pictures and detailed information for all the items on the menu.


And once the customers have decided their order, the order can be forwarded through the table’s waterproof touchscreen display and be sent directly to the kitchen. It is to be presumed that a human server brings out the food to them, although there have been reports about experiments using drones.While their food is on the way, the diners can play games on the tables, read news, or chat with other diners at other tables. The company also offers integrating screens on the walls, counters and other surfaces for the purpose of advertisement.irt-5

Other systems of such specifications do exist as well, but Kodisoft is believed to be unique by its developers. Its display occupies the entire surface of the table, with a back-lit LED display, instead of those which are projected from above. And it helps the restaurant owners to save money on employee salaries, by reducing staff.

So far, this system has been implied in two restaurants – Oshi in Cyprus, and Ebony in Dubai. A third restaurant, however is planned to be opened in November, in an undisclosed position. One of its many functions is going to be that it’ll be able to recognize the returning customers and offer them their previous orders, all by connecting to their smartphones.

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