It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! NO! It’s YoyoDrone!

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This Yoyo flies!

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John Christiansen from Bentonville, AR likes to invent and his passion for all things physics led him to a unique observation: if a yoyo was fitted with propellers, it could do a flying dance in your hands. He designed a yoyo with propellers fitted in it and now he is ready to share his invention with the world: The Yoyo Drone!

YoyoDrone 4

The Yoyo Drone is fitted with angled propellers that produce air thrust. Unlike a conventional yoyo, the Yoyo Drone makes an effortless round and returns back to your hand with the ease of a boomerang. The attached string is 10 feet long; that’s exceptional distance to watch this Yoyo cum Drone perform unfathomable feats of flight. It is, no wonder, fun to play with!


This gadget comes in two colors, black and white, and with this two directional flight options. The white Yoyo Drone flies right, and the black one flies left. If you throw the white one with your right hand it’ll fly outwards, whereas the black one will fly inwards. This is because of a difference in the propellers: Both Yoyo Drones propeller’s are angled oppositely.YoyoDrone 5YoyoDrone 6

John has started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to bring this gadget to Yoyo fanatics. The production mold will cost him $28,000. Backers can have a set of Yoyo Drones, which includes a black and a white Yoyo Drone, for $25. Hop on to their Kickstarter page to get updates and your personal Yoyo that Flies!

YoyoDrone 2

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