iWatch: Set to Unveil Alongside the iPhone 6

Apple’s iPhone event is just days away, iFans might have to wait longer than that to get the iWatch on their wrists.  The rumors are true.  Apple may unveil a wearable device along with its new iPhone 6 at an event on September 9th but won’t be available to consumers until early 2015.iWatch1

Until we actually see what the product is we’re all still making assumptions.  Is it a smartwatch or a fitness band? Does it have a square dial or a round one?  Or will it be a device unlike any we’ve ever seen before?  Whatever it is, Apple will be introducing a new product after the iPad tablet in 2010.  Apple’s first wearable gadget could beam messages, simplify apps and put Siri on our wrists, eliminating taking our phones out of our pockets or purses.   The iWatch is also rumored to be a fitness app, tracking your blood pressure and calorie intake as well as a device to control other smart apps in your house, acting as a remote for home appliances.iwatch2

Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that there are a couple of reasons that could cause a delay in launch date.   Apple states that their wearable device has a much higher difficulty in regards to component and system design so manufacturing and integration might take longer than expected.  By launching this new wearable device Apple is jumping into the personal luxury goods market.  Let’s be real, you really don’t need an iWatch, you just want one.  Will this new iWatch give company’s like Tag Heuer a run for their money?  We don’t think so.  Swiss watches are in a league of their own.Apple and Wearable Tech – iWatch To be Revealed3 Apple and Wearable Tech – iWatch To be Revealed5 Apple and Wearable Tech – iWatch To be Revealed6

The watch will come with at least 10 sensors to take health measurements and other data, one of them being a sweat sensor.  Why? is our question.  An even harder question than “when will it come out?” is “how much will the iWatch cost?”  Actually a price for a premium smartwatch hasn’t been set yet, but knowing how notorious Apple is with their prices we can expect a whopping $250.  Hope it’s worth it.


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