iZeee Touch Phone Charger

Charging you phone can be such a pain sometimes.  In this world of making things easier, we’re always looking for a solution to better our lives.  Imagine being able to charge your phone with just the touch of your finger, it is possible…..really.  The iZeee charger allows you to do just that.


With the iZeee portable charger attached to the back of your smartphone or tablet you can charge your phone.  You can connect the portable charger with your device via an integrated microUSB or lightning connector.  Just by touching the charging pad that’s attached to your phone, you can get up to four hours of extra time for playing games, browsing on social networks or just chatting with friends.  The iZeee charger is available for the latest Android and iOS devices.  The iZeee charger blends into your phone by slipping under most soft cases.  It’s pretty thin, measuring a mere 1.3mm, the size of your credit card.

izee2 izee3

The iZeee is raising funds via Indiegogo.  You can pre-order the unique touch charger for $29.  So no anywhere, anytime charge your phone without the hassle of bulky wires.

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