Jaguar’s Innovative Safety Technologies Will Blow Your Mind

Jaguar's Innovative Safety Technologies Will Blow Your Mind

Jaguar has made a real effort to stay in the league with the Germany’s finest offerings. They did let go of their vintage designing and came up with something advance this time. A large part of this transformation and advancement is the focus they’ve put on innovative safety technologies, like the windscreen map overlays and talking potholes etc. This time, Jaguar looked toward mind-reading tech to gain the attention of a driver, may he be distracted or sleepy.Jaguar's Innovative Safety Technologies Will Blow Your Mind 2


Jaguar is developing a predictive camera for enabling air gestures and predicting what the driver wants to select based on those gestures. So the user wont actually need to touch anything and wont have to take off their hands off the wheel. Mood Lighting is also being testing for a way to reduce stress of the driver. According to Jaguar, Users can make their entertainment selection 22 percent faster due to this hand tracing technology. Jaguar are also using haptic feedback to warn the user if they are going over speed limit.Jaguar's Innovative Safety Technologies Will Blow Your Mind 3


To assure that the driver concentrates on the task at hand, Jaguar are researching Mind Sense. According to the British Brand, Human brain emits brainwaves om four different frequencies. Unlike most other brainwave monitoring systems that use headbands for sensing the brainwaves, the Jaguar are trying to implement the technology used by NASA and US bobsled team. This uses sensors that are integrated into the steering wheel to detect and amplify brainwaves. At the moment, scientists are trying to discern our brainwave frequencies from general background noise.


When the system detects the driver to be distracted or daydreaming, it’d then vibrate the steering wheels or pedals to get the driver’s attention. This vibration of steering wheel and pedals is also to be used by Jaguar in an attempt to avoid too many flashing and audio signals. When the driver speeds over the limit, an actuator on the top of the pedal vibrates to warn the driver to slow down and to hit the brakes.Jaguar's Innovative Safety Technologies Will Blow Your Mind 4

Nowadays with all the entertainment options provided in the car, the drivers end up taking their eyes off the road for too long while interacting with their dashboards. To decrease this time of interaction between the driver and the dashboard, Jaguar ia implementing the predictive camera technology, that tracks the hand of a user and then activates the functionality, it thinks the user wants to activate.

The system will also be able to send ultrasonic pulses as feedback that can replicate the sensation of a tap or tingle on the driver’s finger.Jaguar's Innovative Safety Technologies Will Blow Your Mind 5


Mood Lighting is also one of the concept featured in the new Jaguar. With more and more LEDs being introduced in the cars, the Jaguar are working on a Wellness Monitoring System, viewing the driver’s stress levels and heart rate using medical grade sensors. This then adjusts the car’s mood lighting system, climate control and audio volume to the levels best suiting the driver’s mood and reducing their stress.

All these technologies are part of Jaguar’s much wider research into road safety.

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Jaguar’s Innovative Safety Technologies Will Blow Your Mind

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