Jet School Bus: You’ll Never Be Late Again!

Now you won’t have an excuse for being late to school.  Paul Stender from Indiana has invented a jet powered school bus that reaches speeds as fast as 367 mph.

school bus2school bus3The bus is named “School Time” and is the brainchild of Paul Stender and his team at Indy Boys.  The bus was fitted with a 42,000 HP GE J-79 jet engine that was taken from McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom fighter jet.  The bus also lets out 80 foot flames, sending huge clouds into the air.  The entire vehicle was custom built because the original bus would not have been able to withstand the speeds that it’s driven at.  The tank can hold 150 gallons of fuel and none is left after a single quarter mile run.  “A lot of it is handcrafted and the types of metals used would be more at home on an aircraft.” Explains Stender.

RAF Typhoon Eurofighter school bus1

Despite its engine size, the school bus only seats three passengers.  People from all walks of life get in line for a fast trip down the runway.  This car was built for two reasons; one, to entertain people and two; to inspire kids to keep away from drugs.  “We do a lot of displays at schools and we are trying to show kids there’s more to life than sitting in front of computers.

Jet School Bus7 Jet School Bus4 Jet School Bus3 Jet School Bus2 Jet School Busschool bus4

It’s important for them to have active hobbies and creative interests to keep busy and keep away from bad influences and drugs.  That’s why we wrote our motto on the side of the bus, ‘Jet’s are hot, drugs are not’.” Said Paul Stender.   School Time is presently on tour, exciting motor fans at shows all over America.

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