Kickpack Table Tennis and Foosball Table Made of Cardboard

Are you a fan of indoor games? Games you can play anywhere? Now you can go from flat packed cardboard to jam packed fun, anytime, anywhere.

kickpack1 kickpack2

With Kickpack you’ll never be board again.  It’s a totally portable, build-it-yourself table tennis system.  It comes folded neatly away in a cardboard suitcase.  Take it anywhere, set it up and have a ball.  You don’t need a basement or game room to enjoy this classic game.

kickpack2 kickpack4

Kickpack offers two timeless classics, the Tennino table tennis and Kartoni foosball, both as cardboard games sold in suitcase form.  Bring it home and unfold the cardboard pieces within minutes and play away. You don’t need tools or adhesives to assemble.  The table tennis game comes complete with the cardboard construction and four paddles while the foosball game uses light wood in the construction of the spinning rods.  The games are great to take on picnics and also if you don’t have too much room at home for an original.  It’s as easy to breakdown and pack away as it is to assemble.


Due to its delicate nature we don’t think houses with rowdy kids or dunk frat brothers is the right choice for the Tennino or Kartoni.  The Tennino retails for about $67 and the Kartoni retails for about $112 or you could get the combo for $145.  The simplicity, affordability and compact storage sizes are nice advantages over more permanent game tables.

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