Kopin Reveals Solos Smart Glasses For Cyclists

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With the fast paced evolution of smartphones and computers, different gadgets have also been invented for the cyclists which keep them updated about different things. But invariably, these gadgets draw focus away from the road. Even if it’s a tracking app that is being used on a phone, it requires a glance downwards towards the screen which can prove to be fatal sometimes.

Electronics company Kopin have potentially solved that problem with their new eyewear which places that data right in the cyclists field of vision. The Solos Smart Glasses were revealed at the Interbike 2015 and put metrics like heart rate, average speed and distance on a virtual display. The glasses sync with the user’s smartphone which syncs with any one of the performance apps of the user’s choice. All this is managed through the Solos smartphone app which lets the users choose what data to display.

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The data is displayed at a convenient bottom right corner of the glasses for those who want to avoid a glance at their smartphones, fitted on the handlebars most of the times. Although most of the times a single glance is seldom fatal, but it can be and those performance maniacs who do not want their cycling stats to be altered even with a single glance would surely love these new glasses that let them focus on the road.

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The glasses are aimed at the elite class who cycle but they do not offer as many functions as others like the Senth IN1. They do not allow the users to take snapshots of their field of view. However, integrated microphones do allow the users to control their devices via voice commands and information like the caller ID is displayed on the 5-inch virtual display. The glasses can also connect to social media. Speakers in the arms also play audio alerts and performance cues.

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These glasses do resemble some of the predecessors like the Recon Instruments’ Jet Smart glasses but the HD display and letting the paired smartphone handle the processing do set the Solos smart glasses apart. A lithium cell battery is said to be good for six hours of use while the polymer lenses offer UVA and UVB protection. The glasses will be released next spring in the USA and are rumored to cost less than $500.

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Kopin Reveals Solos Smart Glasses For Cyclists

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