Kraftwerk – Highly Innovative Portable Power Plant

Need to charge your phone on the go?  No power outlet available?  Well, no worries with Kraftwerk,  a highly innovative portable power plant.


eZelleron Inc., a German company presents Kraftwerk, the world’s smallest power generator.  The device runs off of standard camping gas or lighter gas and it weighs just seven ounces when full.  It’s so small it can fit right in your pocket.  Just to give you an idea how powerful this tiny device is, you can charge your iPhone a full eleven times without refilling the plant.  It takes only 3 seconds to refuel, making it exceptionally convenient and time efficient.

kraft8 kraft6

This hand held device is a new energy supply technology for mobile electronic devices.  It works independent from a power grid giving you freedom.  It allows you to generate your own energy using a small device in such large amounts that you can run your iPhone, tablet, or even your GoPro camera for weeks.


kraft2 kraft4

The word ‘kraftwerk’ means ‘power station’ in German.  Basically fuel cells convert chemical energy directly into electrical energy.   The idea of fuel cell technology has been around since the 1950’s but our reliance on fossil fuels has slowed down, but now eZelleron pulls it off.  The Kraftwerk power plant will become available to the public in December of this year for a suggested retail of $149.

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