Landmine detector that fits in your shoes.


When you read the topic you might have thought that the device that detects landmine is likely to be designed for military application but in reality it is the outcome of a project called SaveOneLife directed to save lives in Colombia where years of guerilla warfare have littered the land with loads of land-mines and have taken the lives of over 10,000 civilians and soldiers since 1990. The mines were used primarily to protect different plantations and structures of importance and since landmines do not take anyone into consideration and  blow up anyone who step on it so apposite measures had to be taken.

Removing all the mines is without a doubt a tedious task so naturally a smart solution was the only option left. Lemur Studio cam up with just that. The device is made of printed conductive material that creates electromagnetic field which interacts with other magnetic fields produced by landmines and alerts the user. The device comes with an accessory (wrist watch) which kind of looks like something that come out straight of a comic book. It is this wrist watch that alerts the user of a landmine if near by. The landmines are represented by red dots while the green contours represent the land surrounding the user.

“The device was created with the goal of saving a life, hence the name, first by the families of the victims and second for the cost effects of military forces by the loss of his men in combat,” says Iván Pérez, Lemur’s creative director. The device is currently still a concept but there isn’t any reason that it shouldn’t be turned into a reality.

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