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We just love CES. It brings so many ideas out to the platform of reality and well it gets us excited to say the least. This time around there has been so many gadgets and conceptual ideas which were presented at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. We’ll be talking about one in particular which came from Bang & Olufsen in the form of BeoSound Essence. In simplest words; the gadget allows you to turn on music just like you switch on lights.

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This gadget which resembles a door knob and the iPod’s click wheel is quite unique and will definitely be a must have for all those who can afford it. But before we dive into how much is it worth for, let’s see why it is worth any money at all. The gadget is basically supposed to be mounted on a wall where it is easily accessible by the user. This gadget works in conjunction with Bang & Olufsen wireless speakers. The whole assembly works quite simply and all you need to do is to press the button located on top of the knob-component, this will activate the Bluetooth signal of Essence which is powered by a white box that can be placed anywhere discretely (under the sofa, most likely) and music from your Bluetooth-able gadgets will be picked up from where you left it off.  This music is then played by the speakers we mentioned before.

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Volume controls have also been provided on the knob-component and the user can even skim through tracks by employing the arrow buttons. The assembly comes with its own app as well; both for iOS and android phones. The app is also compatible with a number of music apps that are already famous in the market. The knob-component can be carried around as well since the design allows for it to be mounted on an aluminum plate which will be provided in a number of stylish colors.

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Tue Mantoni, CEO of company, during his presentation at CES made a rather good point when he said; ‘When people take out their phones to put on a song, they don’t turn on the music. They read 10 emails before they turn on the music.’ That’s a good observation on the company’s part however let’s talk about the price thing we mentioned. You didn’t forget that, did you? Better not have folks, for this gadget is a highly priced one and will cost you $995. Talk about being preposterously priced! Oh and if you plan on purchasing the aluminum plate the price goes up by $200.

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For those who can spare this much, the gadget sure is a must have, while the rest of us might have to wait till the idea catches on and we are able to witness some more gadgets which work like this one.

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Let the Music Play – BeoSound Essence

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