LG’s Hexagonal Battery for Round Smartwatches Will Provide Additional 4 Hours Of Life

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Smartwatches are making the rounds in the geek circle and everybody who loves gadgets wants their hands on these. But with great gadgets, come great.. battery problems. From smartphones to smartwatches to smart-everythings, battery power is what we could have more of. Until the Aluminium Battery by Stanford University officially happens, we gotta wait it out, but for owners of round smartwatches, there’s good news!

LG Battery Hexagonal (2)

LG Chem of South Korea, the country’s largest chemical company which falls under LG electronic’s umbrella, has developed a coin sized, hexagonal battery for round smartwatches, capable of holding 25% additional battery storage capacity over rectangular ones. LG announced on Sunday that production of the battery had already begun in China and will be available for purchase by tech companies very soon. If the battery is able to provide an additional 25% storage capacity, smartwatches will have an additional 4 hours to their credit.LG Battery Hexagonal (1)LG declined to identify its collaborative tech partner with which they came up with the idea. LG holds patents to, and has been working on “free form batteries”, the production of batteries in various shapes and sizes to suit the needs of the ever transforming tech world.

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