LG’s New Flexible Screens Are Ready To Take Over The World

LG is a well-known company recognized for its wide variety of products that we use daily. But in the mobile phones market, LG has failed to give competition to the giants like Apple and Samsung and is lagging far behind. However, maybe all that is set to change very soon.LG Flexible Screen 1

The newly emerging flexible screen technology introduced by LG has far reaching implications in many walks of technology. The Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology used by the screens makes them very flexible as compared to the conventional LEDs. The LEDs use silicon to impart semi-conductivity, causing the screen to become rigid. The OLED technology uses different polymers that impart visible bendy properties to the screens.LG Flexible Screen 2

These screens are very thin (0.97 mm) which makes them very portable and the picture quality seems to be very good as well, despite the presence of small magnets. The new flexible screens will be used in televisions, phones and tablets and it is up to the manufacturers to come up with the hardware that can support these flexible screens. LG FLexible Screen 3

For example, both Samsung and LG are working on batteries that can bend with these screens with the former already planning a 2015 release to a flexible smartphone. However, it remains to be seen that which one of these two Asian giants will come up with an overall better product.

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