Loki The Vampire Cat Has 23,000 Followers On Instagram!!

Move over Edward Cullen, there’s a new vampire in town…..it’s Loki, the vampire cat! Loki the kitten who was recently adopted from a cat shelter has taken the internet by storm.

vampire cat3

Loki has long front teeth which give her the appearance of a vampire. While most cats have sharp teeth, Loki has real fangs, albeit small ones, that hang out the side of her mouth making her look like the cutest little bloodsucker ever.  Thanks to her evil looking face she’s become one of the most famous felines on the web. Her owner, Kaet adopted her not knowing much about her distinctive appearance. “They didn’t give many details about her looks. They said it was healthy but she wasn’t able to close her eyelids. She’s been to the vet three times in the last year, and no one has made mention of her teeth or why she looks the way she does, still a mystery.” Loki has over 23,000 Instagram followers. When Loki stares into the lens of a camera, a very terrifying side of this cuddly creature comes out, making her scary looking, especially the picture where she’s coming out of the shadow with her fangs on full display.

vampire cat7 vampire cat6 vampire cat5 vampire cat2

Loki’s demonic expressions are just expressions, she’s actually a cuddling, snuggling, loving kitty cat. The Siamese-mix cat is now in good hands and just like any other cat, she loves to hide under the towel and lays down for a good rub. Kaet says “she’s the most loving and snugly cat I’ve ever had.”


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