LUMA Dice Brings A New Twist To The Standard Dice


Many of us still remember how fun it was to play board games that included rolling of dice. Ah, the thrill. We’d all be huddle around the table and waiting for our turn while ensuring that everyone was playing fair and square. It sure was a magical and fun experience and now a Kickstarter campaign aims to bring back that experience with a bit of a technological twist. Meet LUMA dice – a metal and LED powered light dice that will impart coolness to your board games like none else would be able to do.LUMA DICE KICKSTARTER LUMA DICE 2

It features LED lights on each face and they light up with different colors. The dice has been carved out from a single block of aluminum and is quite sleek. An accelerometer has been incorporated for the detection of motion so that lights can be turned on when it is being used and switched off when it is not being used.LUMA DICE 4 LUMA DICE NUMBERS

Let’s move on to the features of LED dice, shall we? It has RGB LEDs and a total of 21 for every dice. Each side features its own color; 6-blue, 5-green, 4-red, 3-yellow, 2-purple/pink and 1-cyan. The gadget is capable of determining when it has been picked up thanks to the accelerometer and the lights are activated. However, following 20 seconds of inactivity these lights are turned off automatically thus saving battery’s power.

LUMA DICE rolling LUMA DICE spinningThe team is really proud of this features and is quite hopeful that consumers would like it. It comes with batteries that can be replaced easily. All that the user needs to do is to unscrew the top and then remove the old batteries and insert the new ones. It makes use of small SR54 batteries that can be bought from any supermarket (for less than $2).LUMA DICE flexible circuit board LUMA DICE 3

The gadget has been created from the 6061 aluminum – the highest quality and is quite strong, durable and resistant to scratches, abuse and dents. Even with such a strong built it is quite light with a weight of 9.5 grams. When you’re playing dice-involved game, it is very crucial that the dice is capable of producing fair rolls and that has been achieved with LUMA dice. Although the team doesn’t guarantee perfect balance, it does guarantee fair rolls. Last but not the least, the gadget sure looks stylish.LUMA DICE 5 LUMA DICE BLACK

Moving on to its specs; it is a standard 19mm dice with chamfered corners to allow for momentum and sports 21 RGB LEDs. It features an accelerometer and anodized finish SR54 batteries, as mentioned before. The team made use of a flexible circuit board along with RGB LEDs, accelerometer and a micro-controller (patent pending) to create the amazing gadget; LUMA Dice. Check out their campaign here. Do let us know what you think of this amazing and unique gadget.

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LUMA Dice Brings A New Twist To The Standard Dice

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