Make The Ultimate Sandwich With The Sandwich Knife

We’re sure you didn’t know that there is an exact science involved in making the perfect sandwich.  It’s not just slapping a piece of meat between two pieces of bread and a sandwich lover is the only one who can really appreciate a good sandwich.  300 years ago, John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, created the sandwich as a way to eat a meat while gambling with friends.  Gary Ehasoo has invented a gadget that will ensure a perfect sandwich every time.sandwich knife3

Ehasoo loves sandwiches and while over-stuffing his perfect sandwich he realized the bread just couldn’t contain all his fillings.  Out slips a slice of tomato, lettuce ends up on the plate, or mayo oozes out onto his shirt.  To solve the problem he invented The Sandwich Knife.  Basically its two differently sized, stainless steel bread knives conjoined.  Instead of cutting all the way through, one of the blades is slightly offset from the other; as one cuts all the way through, the other stops slightly short of all the way down.  The result is two slices of bread that have a nice little backing holding it together helping to keep contents within.  It’s not quite a pita since its sides are open.  It’s kind of like a clam shell.  The connective crust of bread means your salami won’t slide out the bottom.

sandwich knife5 sandwich knife1 sandwich knife4

Ehasoo has done some extra brainstorming with this product.  You can see that with this innovation he has thought outside the box.   The Sandwich Knife is the first knife designed specifically for making the ultimate sandwich.  So get your knife and make the perfect sandwich from your ‘not quite sliced bread’.   Ehasoo is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.  You can pre-order it for $38 and hopefully have it by October.  The gadget will eventually retail for $54.

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