Make Your Trash Into Treasure By Using This DIY Ottoman Trick

diy tire ottoman3

We throw away so many tires a year.  Do you know where they end up?  You’re right….in landfills.  So recycling old tires is a great way to save the environment and decorating your home. Putting your feet up after a long day at work could be the most relaxing thing.  So follow these simple instructions to make a piece of homemade furniture, whether it’s an ottoman or a table is up to you.  Not only will you be recycling, you’ll be saving a lot of money too.

You will need a tired (used or new), two pieces of hardwood cut into two circles, six screws, a drill, a screwdriver, hot glue gun with at least 6 tubes of glue, and a lot of thick natural sisal twist cord, a cloth, scissors and concentrated brush sealer. 

diy tire ottoman2

Before starting with the project, clean the tire with a dry cloth- if it’s very dirty, rinse and allow to dry completely.  Place the hardwood on it and drill three holes on the edge in three distant points, deep enough to penetrate the rubber. 

diy tire ottoman8

Screw hardwood to your tire tightly enough so that it won’t come off.  Do the same on both sides. 

diy tire ottoman9

Start glueing the sisal at the center of the circle in order to obtain a perfect finish.  With the hot glue gun, apply the glue on the board and secure one end of the sisal.

diy tire ottoman10 Press the tip to adhere well and go around in a snail shape.  Remember to put enough glue before each round, making it stick hard and tight.

diy tire ottoman11

Once you’ve covered the hardwood with rope, continue doing the same with the edge of your tire. 

diy tire ottoman12

Turn the tire upside down and continue covering it with rope until you reach the edge of the board.

diy tire ottoman13

After covering the all the rubber of the tire, cut the rope.  Glue the tip of rope securely.  It is not necessary to coat the hardwood base, as it will be lying on the ground. 

diy tire ottoman14

Apply the sealer, covering all the sisal with it.  Let it dry for about an hour and then apply another coat. 

diy tire ottoman5

 And there you have it, your own Do-It-Yourself, piece of home furniture.  Believe us when we say you’ll find this ottoman even more relaxing than a store bought one. 

diy tire ottoman4 diy tire ottoman1 diy tire ottoman15

We sure hope you will try this and enjoy your finished product.

Make Your Trash Into Treasure By Using This DIY Ottoman Trick

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