Manifesto Wins Ferrari Top Design School Challenge

We’re always waiting for the next supercar design that is launched.  It’s always better than its predecessors, especially when we’re talking about Ferraris.  To keep their look new and fresh, Ferrari chose top design schools around the world to submit models of cars to see what ferrari’s would look like in 2040.  The Manifesto, the FL and the de Esfera are the three winning models in the third Top Design School Challenge.

manifesto wins top design challenge 3 manifesto wins top design challenge 4

Ferrari has announced the result, and the overall winner is the Manifesto, a concept design by six students from ISD-Rubik at Valenciennes, France.    The jury was comprised of designers, engineers, drivers, and collectors: Nicola Boari, Franco Cimiate, Ado Colonnati, Rodolfo Raffino Rossi, Jay Kay, Flavio Manzoni, Nick Mason, Andrea Militello, Paolo Pininfarina, and Sebastian Vettel.  The jury was won over by the complete package and concept design the students offered as well as their ability to create a coherent overall vision of the car’s exterior, cabin, and running gear.

manifesto wins top design challenge 6 manifesto wins top design challenge 5

The spectacular door opening mechanism also highlights the evolution of the interior functions using future forward technologies.  The jury also wants to give a shout out to FL, the design by Roman Egorov, the Russian student from the Hochschule Pforzheim in Germany who focused solely on the cabin.  Third place went to the de Esfera, the work of three students from Hongik University in Seoul, Korea: Chae Wook Lee, Ha Kyoung Yeam and Woo Jin Jung.

With all these amazing designs, interiors, exteriors, and innovative concepts, the future of Ferrari is going to be very bright.

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