Mathematics and Arts – GIFs by Dave Whyte

How many of you love mathematics? Well, it is not as boring as most of us recall it to be and that has been proven again by a digital artist and physics PhD student Dave Whyte who came up with amazing GIFs that are mesmerizing to say the least. He is studying the physics of foam and said that his first geometric GIFs were created when he was exploring as an undergraduate student. For us, all the following GIFs are nothing short but a beautiful juxtaposition of mathematics and arts. You may end up wasting a lot of your time – you’ve been warned!

All pictures are courtesy of Dave Whyte and Bees & BombsBeautiful Mathematical GIFs9 Beautiful Mathematical GIFs8 Beautiful Mathematical GIFs7 Beautiful Mathematical GIFs6 Beautiful Mathematical GIFs5 Beautiful Mathematical GIFs4 Beautiful Mathematical GIFs3 Beautiful Mathematical GIFs2 Beautiful Mathematical GIFs


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