Mechanic Advisor’s Connection Key Keeps You Notified

If you’re one of the more than nine million drivers who ignore their “check engine light”, then Mechanic Advisor’s Connection Key might be the solution to your problems.


The Mechanic Advisor Connection Key is a device for your vehicle that identifies problems and connects you to a reliable mechanic.  It plugs into your automobile’s On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port, a standard port that provides real-time vehicle data and diagnostic codes.  The Bluetooth enabled Connection Key is what takes data from your vehicle and brings it to your phone.  The Connection Key works with almost every vehicle manufactured since 1996.  The device collaborates with a smartphone app which connects to your car’s computer and provides you with a diagnostic report of your car’s health.  You’ll know about critical and non-critical issues as they happen.  All important information regarding the problem will be provided, as well as the ability to get immediate assistance from a professional mechanic.  The device also has an “Ask a Mechanic” feature which helps you resolve minor issues yourself without having to go to a mechanic, saving you time and money.   So basically it’s easy as one, two, three…plug it into your vehicle, connect via Bluetooth, and start monitoring.


The device alerts you and gives you explanations for over 20,000 vehicle codes in plain and simple English.  Problems ranging from low tire pressure to severe engine issues.  If you require a trip to the repair shop you’ll have immediate access to an extensive database of over 500,000 mechanics, complete with profiles and customer reviews.  Keeping your car properly maintained can be complicated and time consuming.  The Mechanic Advisor’s Connection Key makes you a better informed driver.  It also keeps track of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, notifying you when you’re due for oil changes, tire replacements, mileage check-ups.


“Most drivers are aware of their check engine light, and most choose to ignore it.  Yet, the range of problems it represents could be anything from a loose gas cap to something much, much more dire and expensive to fix” said Parker Swift, CEO of Mechanic Advisor.  “Let’s face it, very few of us really like going to the mechanic, primarily because of what we don’t know, which creates a sense of distrust from the beginning, so most of us ignore it.  The Connection Key removes that by empowering consumers with insights into what’s wrong and directing them to the trustworthy, reliable mechanics that can solve their problems.  The lingering doubt of ‘Did I just get ripped off?’ is removed.”  The Connection Key is available for pre-order for $44.95 plus $5 shipping and handling.  Shipping will begin in the start of 2015.  The full retail price will be $74.95.

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