Microsoft is cooking up its own “Google Glasses”

Microsoft isn’t going to let Google take control of wearable computer without a fight. The Wall Street Journal has reported that the company is testing various prototypes of “internet-connected eyewear similar to Google’s Glass”. Sources close to the matter had emphasized that Microsoft has the full ambition to go “head-to-head with Google, Samsung, and Apple”.

Canalys analyst, Daniel Matte, stated that “technology companies can’t afford to wait” and that “device vendors will face a number of tough challenges” while designing the new technology.

As of now, Matte stated that smart eyewear will remain a niche market for the next three to five years, but the industry for such technology is expected to hit $10 billion dollars by 2016.

This news echoes a patent application unearthed in August that suggested Microsoft is working on a head-mounted display with a microphone, an eye-tracking system, a depth camera, and a camera capable of recognizing the faces of other players. Earlier this year, Microsoft also experimented with other “beyond the television” gaming experiences such as Illumiroom, though that technology was recently deemed too expensive to release.

For now, the Microsoft eyewear is just a rumor, but it’s certainly interesting considering that Sony is said to be testing a headset of its own, and other recent competitors include the soon-to-be-4K Oculus Rift and the CastAR system from ex-Valve employees Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson.

If Microsoft releases a smart wearable device, will you be in line to purchase the first production?

Source The Wall Street Journal

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