Mind Control – A Reality!

Mind Control – A Reality 4Our today’s article is about biomedical technology and how the progress in technology has brought about wonders in this field. Like we have mentioned so many times before, science and technology are shaping every field in almost every aspect. Recently experiment dealing with mind controlled vehicles was carried out in the laboratory of biomedical engineering at the University of Minnesota. The successful experiment was carried out by Professor Bin He. During this experiment a small number of people successfully operated a flying robot using only their thoughts!

Mind Control – A Reality 3Sure this sounds coming right out of a science fiction movie, but it is true. Imagine the applications of this breakthrough where patients would no longer need nurses to serve them. The device does not require an implanted chip in the brain but rather makes use of an EEG cap that is to be worn by the user. Professor He’s career has been dedicated to the development of 3D brain computer interfaces or better known as BCI and to the proving that BCI is on par with invasive chips. His work and findings have been published in the Journal of Neural Engineering. Professor said; ‘We were the first to use both functional MRI and EEG imaging to map where in the brain neurons are activated when you imagine movements. So now we know where the signals will come from.’

Mind Control – A Reality 2The EEG cap has a total of 64 electrodes which are responsible for observing the neural activity going on inside the brain. This information is forwarded to the computer which then transforms it into an electrical command. Professor He is hopeful about this device and said; ‘I think the potential for BCI is very broad. Next, we want to apply the flying robot technology to help disabled patients interact with the world. It may even help patients with conditions like stroke or Alzheimer‘s disease. We’re now studying some stroke patients to see if it’ll help rewire brain circuits to bypass damaged areas.’



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