MisterBrightLight – The Smart Standing Desk

Sitting on chairs for long periods of time, in a slouchy position, is not only bad for your posture, but it increases health risks.  For this reason, standing desks have gained popularity over the years.  You can stand up and stretch a bit while at some point you’ll want to sit back down.  MisterBrightLight is a smart desk with a smart solution which comes in the form of gesture control.


MisterBrightLight is aptly named because of the vibrant strap of LED lights that wrap around its edges.  The light reminds the user to stand up when he/she has been seated for too long.  The color of the LED changes to signal the user’s availability, for instance- a red glow could be a signal for others that you’re busy and not to disturb you.  It can also notify when it’s time to switch from sitting to standing position.  The smart functionality lies in its gesture control, however, with the user being able to adjust the desk’s height by holding a hand over a sensor integrated into the surface.


Beyond a pretty light, the table also features optional sensors to monitor temperature, air, and humidity levels in a room.  Another cool feature is a sensor that can track calories burned while standing at the desk.   The device can also e paired with your smartphone via a mobile app.  Currently the app is only available for iOS devices.


Cool features and getting cooler with a wireless charger built into the desktop, so it even serves as a charging pad in case your phone is low on juice.  These optional features will cost more obviously.  The MisterBrightLight standing desk can be purchase for approximately US $2069.  If you want the top of the line version, you can expect to pay around $3413.

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