MOCAheart: A Heart Scanner at Your Fingertips

Knowing what your body needs and when it needs it is crucial for maintaining your general health.  MOCAheart is an ultra-slim device that measures blood pressure related vital signs for you and your loved ones.  The device makes it easier to notice changes in heart and blood health.  Offering you immediate health insights, you can seek medical care promptly and more confidently.



MOCAheart provides immediate actionable recommendations if your measurements are out of range.  With this device you can check the rhythm of your cardiac electrical impulses and the regularity of your heart rate.  It can also evaluate the intensity of your exercise.  Changes in your blood flow can be noted.  You can catch oxygen deficiencies before they do any harm.


MOCAheart fits between your fingers, making it the smallest device of its kind.  Easy to carry so tracking your health can be easy.  You’ll always have your heart and blood health at your fingertips.  You can connect to a supporting smartphone app which allows you to set up close contacts for direct messaging, and can stay up to date on each other’s health status.  All the data can be viewed in graph form, showing how the user’s cardiovascular health has fluctuated over hours, days, weeks or months.  Interestingly enough, the device can also detect hand tremors.

moca5 moca8

The sensor on the device allows the user to check their vitals by pressing  a couple of fingers over the device, which is small enough to be fixed to the back of a smartphone case.  A health status is shown via numbers and suggestions like ‘normal, but elevated’ or ‘seek medical attention immediately’.  The sensor has a 7 day battery life and is charged through a micro USB.  The final retail price will be $169.  Your heart rate, blood oxygen level and blood pressure are all key indicators of your cardiovascular state of health and MOCAheart is a device designed to keep you ahead of any problems that might be lurking around.

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