MODUS: Portable 11 in 1 Sketching Tool

When we were kids a long time ago….and I mean a loooong time ago, we had to carry all our tools to school like protractors and rulers.  Now, Shard Designs, a company in California has designed and 11 in 1 sketching tool called MODUS, a product with quality and functionality to tackle common problems.


MODUS is basically a little card that snugly fits into your wallet like a credit card and replaces all your essential drawing tools.  So, wherever you go you’ll be able to put all your great idea on paper.  Sometimes the lack of the right tools doesn’t let you be creative, but with this product your problems are solved.  It allows you to measure anything from angles to lengths, draw straight lines, create perfectly round circles, and more.  While sitting in your wallet, it helps block RFID (Radio frequency identification) theft too.


This simple, yet elegant product is a must have for any artist.  The MODUS is crafted out of a single piece of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminium.  The card was put to test for 12 weeks and was still in a perfect flat condition.  Doubling as an RIFD blocker, you can rest at ease that your credit card information can’t be hacked.


The MODUS functions as a protractor, imperial ruler, metric ruler, imperial compass, metric compass, set square, t-square, straightedge, rounded edge, bookmark, and RIFD protection for your wallet.  All four corners of the MODUS are rounded, allowing you to draw rounded rectangles easily.  It’s made in the USA.  Shipping will begin in March 2015.

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