Myths in technology

I really doubt that there is a single discipline in world that does not have myths. They surround us as air does. There are a whole lot of myths related to products of technologies. Today we are going to discuss a few.



Must wait 15 seconds before rebooting the computer:

It no rule of thumb to wait 15 seconds before rebooting since it highly depends on the condition of the plates of the hard drive. Since the plates are rotating at an r.p.m of 10,000 it is certainly better to wait for them to come to a stop. It is good to wait before reboot but 15 sec?. Experts says it better to wait it out to be on the safe side but the plates do not necessarily need 15 secs. But still its better to wait that long.


More mega pixel, better picture:

For this myth firstly we need to define our usage of the camera. For an average guy  it hard to differentiate between a picture of say 3-4 mega pixel and a 6 mega pixel camera. Its almost the same. So the actual purpose kicks in. If you are just looking to save your memories then its probable better that you buy a decent camera and save a few bucks. On the other hand if you planning for something more exquisite buy a camera which is more powerful becomes a necessity. Experts says that sometimes poor photo techniques and motion of the object makes the picture blurry while with proper techniques one can take a better picture with same camera. So its always better to learn a few tricks before you point and click.


Better to drain your nickel cadmium battery till its end before you recharge it:

It may sound unpractical and in most cases it is because we mostly charge the batteries with fear of being away form a power source. But the question remains that whether it is a myth or not. According to the experts plugging your battery halfway during drainage makes the components of the battery settle which in turn makes the battery weaker and you end up with losing the battery eventually. Its always better to drain it completely before recharging it.



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