No More Scary Needles While Getting Your Vaccination Done!


No more scary Needles while getting your vaccination done!

A Moonshot Project has created a Nanopatch that delivers Vaccines without Needles- great news for the kids afraid of the silver pointies- no more needle phobia which accounts for 20% of the population getting vaccinated. Mark Kendall concludes that people avoid vaccines as a result of being scared by the prick of the needle thus exposing themselves to not only harmful diseases but also death. Studies show that 1.3 million deaths result due to contagious or infected needles each year.


Great addition to scientific research, this new discovery will solve a big problem and aid to eradicate the estimated 17 million deaths that occur due to infectious diseases. Kendall brought the Nanopatch to light in one of his TED talks; it is not only safer but cheaper!Nanopatch-4

The nanopatch uses nanotechnology incorporating deep reactive ion etching. As the process is already applicable to the semiconductor industry for years now, it adds to low cost for production. With continuous improvement to the vaccine technology, the results still vary from person to person, however tested on animals, this little patch proves much more efficient in delivering the vaccine than the needles.Nanopatch-3

It works alongside an applicator created by Kendall’s team that has projections which break the outer layer of the skin on contact and release the vaccine into the bloodstream in less than a minute.

A remarkable discovery was the Dosage vs. Response curve, thoroughly different in Nanopatch vaccine delivery. The amount of a vaccine to be given to a subject to create a higher or lower level of response can now be easily dictated.

Kendall’s hopes that by using the new curve for dosage and response, he can help the medical world to combat the three big killers-HIV, malaria and tuberculosis that are responsible for 7million deaths per year.

Another challenge accepted and met by Kendall was the cold chain; vaccines need to be stored at low, chilled temperatures throughout their life cycle. According to the World Health Organization up to half the vaccines in Africa perform inefficiently as in the process of transportation and storage, their cold chain requirements are not met, thus Nanopatch delivers the vaccines dry so it can be stored at 23 degree Celsius for a year without any loss of function.

No More Scary Needles While Getting Your Vaccination Done!

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