Never Get Pulled Over Again with Ford’s New Technology

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This summer Ford comes out with Intelligent Speed Limiter technology that reads traffic speed limit signs, and adjusts you car’s cruise control accordingly.

S-MAX Intelligent Speed Limiter speed6

The Intelligent Speed Limiter feature will be offered on the automaker’s new S-Max model being sold in Europe.  “Intelligent Speed Limiter is one of those technologies that people will wonder how they did without-not just because the avoid speeding fines, but because driving becomes that much less stressful,” said Roelant de Waard, vice president, marketing, sales and service, Ford of Europe.

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If you are driving in an area in Europe where the posted limit is 50 kph, and you’ve set the Speed Limiter to keep the car from going over the speed limit, that’s the fastest the car will go.  If you then drive into an area where the posted speed limit is 40 kph, the system will automatically slow the car down to the posted limit.  The driver can override the speed limit by pressing ‘firmly’ on the accelerator.  In some area, speed limits aren’t always mentioned.  In that case, the Intelligent Speed Limiter can also obtain speed limit data from maps on the vehicle’s navigation system.  Ford said that the speed limiter can be turned off by drivers and there are no plans to build the feature into models sold in the U.S.

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