Next Gen Body Armor to be made from Spider Silk

Called Monster Silk, this light and tough material is produced by genetically engineered silkworms. Scientists at the US-based Kraig Biocraft Laboratories are the ones behind this achievement.

Spider silk is stronger and lighter than the fiber used in most fabrics For this reason, scientists have been exploring a wide range of application for it, including body armor, medical sutures, and even underwear.

spider silk

Why underwear you would ask; because even under extreme temperatures such as those generated by explosions, spider sill will not melt. This paves way for its use by soldiers.

As Golson says, “Kraig’s current production run is largely headed to Warwick Mills, a specialty textile manufacturer that focuses on protective applications like body armor and fireproof wearables,”

“They are making the first Monster Silk textiles, and their research will lay the groundwork for the first commercial sales as soon as next year.”

This durable material can have a wide range of applications ranging from light and perhaps cheap (one day at least) body armoring for soldiers to light and resilient materials for spacecrafts.

Via Wired


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