The Truth Behind ‘Niagara Falls Frozen Completely’ Hype

You all have been reading about it for quite some time along with a number of pictures and the tagline is that the Niagara Falls have frozen due to the harsh winter that is rampaging on. However, today we set out to find out if it really has ‘frozen’ or not.

So, our research has led us to a single conclusion; hoax is a hoax. Niagara Falls is covered in ice, partially, like it does every year and that does not imply that it has ‘frozen’. While carrying out this research we also came across a new finding; most of the photographs circulating on internet are not even from 2014 rather some of them are from 2007.

During the current Polar Vortex, according to Reuters; ‘parts of the 176 foot American falls were covered in ice and the area below the conservation area was frozen over. The cold weather caused the Niagara River to form an ‘ice bridge and large amounts of ice up river from the falls lead authorities to issue a flash flood warning for two islands in the area.’

We have also managed to gather some pictures and a video which are quite recent and clearly show that Niagara Falls is flowing, as usual, while being covered with ice partially.


Niagara Falls Niagara Falls (6) Niagara Falls (5) Niagara Falls (3) Niagara Falls (2)

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