Nobody Expected A 15 Year Old To Do This, Geek On Kiddo

infinity table13

Everyone in highschool thinks woodworking class is boring, but not this sophomore student.  He built a jaw-dropping, totally amazing, one-of-a-kind, table.  We thought woodworking class was for making jewelry boxes and picture frames, but this kid takes it to a whole other level.  He made a coffee table, but it’s not at all an ordinary coffee table.  This table creates a spectacular illusion of gazing through to infinity…..a never ending phenomena. He calls it the Infinity Table and it is infinitely mindblowing.

How did he do it?  It took the just the right combination of brain power, muscle power, and imagination.  He sure is our “Student of the Month.” Let’s take a look at the step-by-step process.

1.  The first step was to put together the top.

infinity table1

2.  He added the frame with room for some very cool additions. 

infinity table2

3.  You can’t have a table without legs, so that’s what gets attached next.

infinity table3 

4.  He adds some trimmings and now gets ready to stain the wood.

 infinity table4

5.  He uses a dark stain to bring out the grains of the wood. 

    infinity table5

    6. Here’s where the magic happens: he installs some electronics.

    infinity table6 

    7.  To the bottom of the table he added a mirror.

    infinity table17 

    8.  Using a glue gun is stuck a string of LED lights alongside the edges.

    infinity table8

    9.  Once the lights were installed, he added a second, two-way mirror to the top.

    infinity table9

    10.  It looks pretty cool just as it is……

     infinity table10

    11.  But once you plug it in……you’re in awe!!!

    infinity table11 infinity table12 

    12.  Officially the coolest coffee table ever especially when you can do things like witness a banana disappear into multi-dimensional space.

    infinity table13 infinity table14

    infinity table16

    infinity table15

    Seems like pretty instructions to follow.  Now you can make your own infinity table too.  So the next time you think that woodworking class is your chance to doze off, think again.  He obviously got a perfect score in class.  To complete this masterpiece, it took him from January until April and cost about $435; with the mirrors costing the most money.  He has made it very clear that the Infinity Table is not for sale.

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    Nobody Expected A 15 Year Old To Do This, Geek On Kiddo

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