Noke: Bluetooth Padlock turns your Smartphone into a Key

No key.  No problem.  Noke.   It’s a padlock that doesn’t need a key or combination.  How do you get it open?  Bluetooth silly.  This product should put an end to losing keys or forgetting combinations.  A smart padlock designed by Fuz Designs will open up for you and for whoever you want access to it.

noke3So, basically there are locks out in the market that are activated by Bluetooth, but this company claims that Noke (pronounced “no key”) is the world’s first padlock with this technology.  First, you unlock the Noke by getting near it, within a 10 foot range it searches for its assigned iOS or android device and then click the Noke’s hook.  You don’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket or purse.  You can also assign a Noke to your best friend so that you don’t have to pass a key around making sharing your possessions safe and secure.  When the signal goes out of range the Noke locks down again.  The only problem you may incur is if your battery runs out of juice, but that’s not a real problem either.  Simply tap your pre-assigned click pattern on the hook and your Noke will magically open up.

noke6noke5It comes installed with a CR3032 battery, which lasts for over a year and can be replaced even when it’s completely out of juice.  When the battery is low the user will be notified via the app.  This padlock is made from boron and hardened steel, and is water-resistant.  30 parts all come together to create the world’s most advanced padlock……Noke. noke1It has been designed to look as good as it functions with a body the same size as an ordinary padlock but with subtle curves and bevels to complement its aesthetic.  The compact size allows Noke to be used anywhere you’d use a traditional padlock.  This lock is going to prove to be a super hit with everyone, especially with students and cyclists.

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