Now You Can Drive Jaguar Range Rover Using Smartphone

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There’s an app for that!

We are not kidding. Range Rover UK has developed a smartphone app that allows its users to operate a Range Rover Sports Car remotely. And by operate, we mean driving this bad boy!

Range Rover Driving App (2)

Now why would one need an app to drive the car, besides just to show it off? Well, this app comes with a solid purpose. This one is to drive the car when you can’t reach inside, for example, when caught in a tight parking spot. The app can control the car’s speed, as well allow effective steering. The app is functional within 10 feet radius of the car’s location, and allows up to 4 mph driving speed.

Range Rover Driving App (1)

Range Rover Driving App (3)

Range Rover plans to incorporate voice commands into its app. For now, the prototype enjoys experimentation at the Range Rover, and not produced commercially. Until they can add security features that lock your Range Rover’s mobility to just your phones, you don’t have to worry about anyone else remotely driving away your precious.

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