Now You Can Easily Convert Your Old Bike Into An Electric Bike

diy electric bike

Everyone wants an electric bike but not everyone can afford it. The cheapest of electric bikes cost around $2000 and the alternative some companies provide either make your bike too heavy or are too expensive. However, all that is set to change because a Swedish engineering firm called Semcon has come up with a small gadget that does not cost you that much and makes your normal bike, an electric one.

diy electric bike 1

The gadget costs only $100 so it is easily affordable. The company’s spokesperson Per Nilsson explains their approach in the following words:  “There is, that we’re aware of, no low-cost alternative for turning your old bike electric. We saw an opportunity to develop a product that is inexpensive, low weight, easy to switch, and has enough power to support more bikers.”

diy electric bike 2

The designers at Semcon hit upon the idea of a light-weight, detachable battery. Nilsson said that the riders would pedal off on their own when they start the ride. They optimized the motor to kick in when it is needed most; between 7 and 25 km/h speeds. This enabled the engineers to keep the engine smaller.

diy electric bike 4

diy electric bike 3

The add-battery is attached to a magnet and is easily maneuverable. It can be removed, charged and even put on another bike.  The design employs an Arduino and can connect to Wi-Fi to provide access to the navigation apps, or the anti-theft tracking systems. Take a look at this video below to learn how you can save thousands of dollars and create your own electric bike:

Now You Can Easily Convert Your Old Bike Into An Electric Bike

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