NUIMO Is A Smart Home Dial That Controls Everything Remotely

Being able to control everything remotely is the latest requirement of every household.  Whether you’re turning on your lights or playing your favorite tunes on the stereo,  it’s all done with a touch of a button.  Wouldn’t it make it easier if we had a gadget that could allow us to  control all of the smart devices in our life.  What if this was as as easy as turning a knob?  That’s the idea behind the new product, Nuimo, a smart dial by German startup Senic.

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This smart dial interface employs multiple types of inputs to control all popular smart home devices and services.  The device integrates Bluetooth low energy technology to instinctively communicate with all connected devices.  The battery powered knob can connect to your computer or smartphone over Bluetooth, and with the help of a capacitive trackpad built into the face of the Nuimo, you can control any of these gadgets without ever having to load up an app.  All you have to do is swipe, pinch, and tap the knob to adjust settings.  Nuimo has an infrared based sensor that recognized precise hand movement that commands everything.  It is manufactured from anodized SI 01 aluminum, and is covered by a scratch resistant hardened glass.  It has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, and can run up to four months on a single charge.

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Initially, you’ll be able to sync up with 30 different apps and devices, but that’s just the beginning: an open API makes adding more devices and apps possible over time.  According to the creators of Nuimo, Tobias Eichenwald, Philip Michaelides and Felix Christmann, the biggest problem with controlling these devices with a smartphone is that there are too many steps; you have to unlock your phone, open an app, and navigate through menus.  This is what they wanted to avoid with the Nuimo.


Nuimo doesn’t just pair with one app or gadget:  you can connect it to as many smart devices and services as you have, and then easily scroll through them on the knob.  As you switch between functions, a subtle, integrated LED display will light up the face of the Nuimo, showing you what it’s currently controlling.


Another advantage of the Nuimo is that more than one person can have access to it, unlike a phone which is usually attached to someone’s hip.  It allows anyone to control the apps and devices in today’s smart homes, even if they don’t have a smartphone or know the house’s Wi-Fi password.  Since it’s magnetic and battery-powered, you can pretty much put it anywhere.  NUIMO Is A Smart Home Dial That Controls Everything Remotely 2Eichenwald says “Nuimo fills a gap that gives you seamless and simple control over all the things you love in a natural way.”   It will be available in three colors; white, black, and a limited edition gold.  The company is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.  It will be retailing for around $110.  If everything goes as planned, delivery is expected in October.  Such gadgets tell us how far we’ve actually come as far as advancements in science and technology go!

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