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22 Incredible Once In A Lifetime Shots

21 Incredible Once In A Lifetime Shots

In almost 200 years of capturing memories in pictures, there have been some shots that are truly tremendous. Here are some once-in-a-lifetime shots that may never be captured again.   Recommendations what complications are associated with colds typically major risk genes and perform poorly www.mrxonline.com ‘at’. Runny nose that “boys”...


The Clearest Photo of a Sunspot Ever Taken, I really mean 'The Clearest'

cialisonlinecanadastore.com We will be down here waiting for you, when you remove your eyes from this photo. Don’t worry we will wait. The Big Bear Solar Observatory in Big Bear, Calif., is responsible for this beauty. It is the most precise and detailed sunspot image ever taken. Via UPI, Credit for...


Oculas Rift, the true Next Gen?

The Oculus Rift an upcoming virtual reality head-mounted display, which is changing the way people perceive and play games.


Is one of them, the New Batman?

According to “The Hollywood Reporter” Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling, are on the shortlist to be cast as Batman, besides Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel.

Wonderful Earth – Time Lapse

Wonderful Earth – Time Lapse

Watch this amazing time lapse video of the beautiful world we live in, through the International Space Station. Truly majestic! Do leave your comments and let us know about your thoughts.

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Microsoft Surface Pro – Not So Cheap

Slated for debut in Januray, the Microsoft Surface Pro, running Windows 8 Pro will be available in two flavors: 64GB for $899 or 128GB for $999. The two versions will come with a Surface pen with Palm Block technology and support Microsoft’s Touch Cover or Type Cover, which cost $119.99 and $129.99 respectively. The difference...

Myths in technology 0

Myths in technology

I really doubt that there is a single discipline in world that does not have myths. They surround us as air does. There are a whole lot of myths related to products of technologies. Today we are going to discuss a few.    

Google.com.pk hacked 0

Google.com.pk hacked

Many popular “.pk” domain names including Pakistani Google, Apple.pk, Microsoft.pk have been hijacked this saturday by a Turkish hacking group know as “EBOZ” as reported by local newspaper “The News” . These addresses had their DNS settings changed to point to two alternative name servers

Facts from history of technology

Facts from history of technology

The world of technology is a fascinating one. It keeps on amazing us from time to time and just when one thinks that one has had enough, it comes back with a bang. With the passage of time and the inception of

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Windows 8 – Tuned to Perfection

Love it or hate it, Windows 8 is here, with radical changes specially to its UI and well, it’s here to stay. Microsoft has put in a lot of effort into this redefinition of the way people interact with technology and as touted, this is perhaps the most ‘changed’ version...

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Top 10 Best Digital Cameras

With heaps of cameras coming out each year in the market, it can be a troublesome task to find the one that is better than the rest and fulfills your requirements. Our list here presents you with the ten best digital cameras out there so you can make an informed...

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